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Greetings from WILMOTH Group! We’re thrilled to serve you as your trusted real estate partner in Florida. This page is specially designed to provide our valued residents and tenants with a one-stop resource hub, simplifying your interactions with us and enhancing your experience as a member of our community.
Whether you’re a long-term tenant or have recently joined our family, we want to ensure that you have easy access to all the information and services you might need.
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Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. If there’s a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed, don’t hesitate to let us know. Use the ‘Report Maintenance’ link to quickly and easily submit your request, and our dedicated team will address your concern promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a query? Chances are, we’ve already answered it! Browse through our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, which we’ve compiled based on common queries from tenants like yourself.
Didn’t get approved for your first-choice property? Don’t worry, all is not lost! At WILMOTH Group, we allow your application to remain valid for 30 days from the date of submission. This means you can transfer your application to another rental property within this period. If your chosen property is no longer available, simply email to initiate the transfer. Please note that if your application is over 30 days old, our policy dictates that a new application may need to be submitted. For any additional queries about your application, we’re always here to help.
If you’ve been living with someone and paying them rent, proof of rent payments, such as check copies or receipts, can serve as your rental history. If you haven’t been paying rent, however, it may be harder to demonstrate a recent rental history. Past rental agreements could potentially be verified, depending on how long ago you rented. Please be aware that a lack of rental history can influence the application scoring system we use. In some cases, a co-signor might help circumvent this issue.
While we don’t cease late fee accruals when there’s an outstanding balance, we’re open to discussing a reduction in late fees if your balance is current. Any request will be thoroughly reviewed, but please be prepared to pay a portion of the late fees as stated in your lease. Our shared goal is to make sure your balance is up-to-date.
At WILMOTH Group, we maintain a strict no-smoking policy inside our rental properties, including garages. This rule applies to all residents, guests, and invitees. Violation of this policy is considered a material breach of the lease agreement. Smoking is permitted outside the property, provided it’s at least ten feet away and doesn’t leave any odor or litter associated with smoking.
We strive to process rental applications within three business days, provided all required verifications are promptly received. Delays often occur due to waiting for housing and employment verifications.
Once your application is approved, we aim to have you move into your new home within seven business days. However, this timeline could be extended or reduced depending on various factors related to the move-in process. If you need to move in faster, please get in touch with us before applying to confirm if we can accommodate your timeline.
At WILMOTH Group, we understand everyone has a history. However, prior evictions do pose a challenge to securing rental approval. We look at two main things while reviewing applications with prior evictions. First, we prefer a gap of at least five years since any eviction. Even then, we consider the individual circumstances around the eviction. Second, we assess if a good rental history has been reestablished since the eviction. Testimonials from family or friends carry less weight compared to references from a professional management company or an apartment complex. Remember, a trouble-free, clean reference can help balance the impact of past evictions.
We encourage open communication. If you’re interested in a property but are anxious about what your screening might reveal, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do our best to provide you with feedback before you proceed with the application.
Our application processing fee is $50 for each applicant aged 18 and over who will be living in the property. This fee covers the comprehensive background screening, which includes income and rental verification, and the associated processing costs. Please be aware that this fee is non-refundable.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept these sources of income due to their inconsistent nature.
We accept various forms of income for application approval, including W-2 Income, 1099 Income, Cash Income (supported by 12 months of bank statements), and Social Security Payments. Income sources that are not acceptable include child support, unemployment compensation, and student loans. If you rely on any of these ineligible sources for rent, you’ll likely need a co-signor.
Yes, you can use your application for multiple rentals. If your application isn’t selected, you can still apply for other properties within 30 days. After this period, a new application and screening will be necessary.
Please contact us before applying if you’re using a Section 8 voucher. We need to ensure the property is available for Section 8 applicants. Note that a Section 8 voucher does not guarantee approval. All applicants, including Section 8 participants, need to complete the same screening and underwriting process.
You can find all the information about our application process at This includes frequently asked questions, our pet screening and approval process, secure document upload, and the actual application for a rental. If you’re ready to start, just head over to
At WILMOTH Group, our comprehensive application process evaluates a variety of factors, including your credit report, income and employment history, current housing payment history, and criminal background. There’s no fixed formula for approval, but a general guideline is that your gross monthly income should be at least three times the rent. When preparing to complete an application, have details about your current living situation, employment, children, and pets at hand. You’ll also need to provide income proof, including last year’s W-2 or 1099, and the latest pay stub. If you have pets, they will need to apply at We’ll review any criminal history as part of the overall application, but we recommend reaching out to us prior to applying if you have a history of violent crimes or are a registered sex offender.
For any emergencies with your rental property, please call us at (877) 945-6684. This service is available 24/7, and in case we miss your call, kindly leave a message. We constantly monitor messages and will get back to you promptly.
We aim to start leases within three weeks of application approval. This means that we’ll hold a property for up to three weeks for an approved applicant.
To ensure a seamless repair and maintenance process, we use Property Meld. It keeps you updated throughout the process. Once you rent a WILMOTH Group property, you’ll receive an email invite to create a Property Meld account. If you have any issues with your account, contact us. We highly recommend using Property Meld for real-time updates on your repair requests.
For serious emergencies such as a fire, crime, or health-related issues, dial 911 before contacting our emergency maintenance line. Once first responders are attending to the situation, you may contact our office to inform us of the situation.
All our tenants have access to an online portal where they can review lease balances, documents, make rent payments, or set up recurring payments. To access it, visit If you’ve forgotten your login details, follow the ‘Forgot Password’ link. If the issue persists, email us at, mentioning your access email address, and we’ll sort it out quickly.
Rent payments can be made online through our secure tenant portal or by enrolling in, our community payment service. To request a PayNearMe PayCode, please email us at a href=”” title=”Email Us”>
We have specific policies for pets in duplexes or multi-family properties. All pets must undergo a screening at The screening results will determine whether your pet is approved, and if so, a pet deposit and monthly pet rent will apply. Assistance animals need to be screened too, but there’s no charge, and once verified, they won’t require any deposits or rent. Learn more at